We’re a team of marketing professionals who developed the passion for SEO. We’re based in the centre of Manchester and we have helped businesses UK wide develop strong digital strategies.

We work inline with a companies marketing strategy. As a customer-focused SEO agency, we work with each client in a way that best suits their business. Our team will look to provide a streamlined approach to understanding where your business wants to be, and always look to provide honest advice throughout.


Our team of experienced SEO Geniuses will start in the same way we start all our projects…with an in-depth, strategic research plan to identify how your website is currently performing.First, we identify quick fixes that can be implemented and secondly the most effective route to start seeing improvements in your search engine ranking.


A key factor in SEO success is to map out your strategy with the information achieved from the research previously carried out. Throughout the strategy process, it is important to keep your research modal fresh as the longer you leave it between research an implementation the more likely it is for your competition to have improved their efforts.

Which is why at MadeFour Marketing, we always have a bi-weekly review of research to best understand how we can deliver the best results for each client.


Once a clear strategy has been mapped out, it is time to apply what has been planned. There is a variety of skills needed when implementing an SEO strategy, such things as high-quality copywriting, HTML development, social media management, UX and UI design, marketing and great PR are all skills that can be used to benefit an SEO strategy. Of course, the more you can implement the better results you will see and all resulting in a greater return on investment.

Which is why at MadeFour Marketing, we always have a bi-weekly review of research to best understand how we can deliver the best results for each client.

We can help assist with any of these skills if you decide to try SEO for yourself. With a team of highly trained experts in all areas described above, we can help you deliver a great strategy.


Now that your strategy has been implemented, an understanding of whether the strategy was a success needs to be identified. For new website launches, it is about waiting to see what your Page Authority and Domain Authority are listed as when Google and other search engines index your website’s pages.


Pay Per Click

We are not a ‘one sized’ fits all outfit, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond satisfying our clients increasing their income. From the implementation and development of the (Made)Four-point ethos: Collate, Comprise, Campaign & Convert we have been able to employ this strategy into our Ad Campaign services which ensures that from start to finish, we take an idea to a sale!

MadeFour Marketing will build and manage a Google Ad Word (s) campaign with the purpose to generate and direct tangible prospect customers straight to your website. To achieve this, we carry out critical research on your behalf before putting together a campaign strategy. Each business need’s a tailored approach, we take the time and put the ground work in prior all of our campaigns to ensure all of our campaigns are as successful as possible.

Below are some of the following steps we put into place for pre, during and post campaign launch:

  • Full 360 analysis of similar key words and performances of competition
  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators as agreed with the client
  • conversion tracking technology to track sales & enquiries
  • Regular keyword research and refinement
  • A: B testing

Packaging Prices


Starting from
£200 £299

Medium weight

Starting from
£300 £499


strating from
£400 £749

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

In short, Search Engine Optimisation is the process of validating to Google, Bing and other search engines that the webpage is a knowledgeable and informative resource for searchers either locally or globally. There are a lot of factors that can impact your websites page rankings, in fact there are roughly 200 factors that Google alone uses to validate your webpages ranking.

Do I need SEO?

The way we like to explain it is… If you were to open a retail shop in your vibrant town or city, would you place that new shop outside of the centre – where you are likely to see no footfall? Or, would you look to open this new shop in the centre where you would see regular customers visiting to purchase your products or services?

Location, Location, Location. This is not the only thing that will define your businesses success, but would hugely improve revenue stream. This is a similar process as SEO, you want to place your online shop where you are likely to see regular visitors.

How much does it cost?

Every business will vary when it comes to the complexity of performing SEO, but the price generally will stay the same for the work conducted. The price can differ between agencies and SEO professionals, depending on what you are trying to optimise for, experience and the competitiveness of your industry.