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Why Choose Native Approach?

Native adverts are quietly powerful

Native advertising is an innovative approach to paid advertising where the advert experience is designed to follow the natural Promoted Listings form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.


Native ads integrate neatly into content in a way that makes them look and feel like a natural part of the user experience.



Successful native ads need to function just like the natural content and behave in a consistent manner in line with the native user experience.

Native advertising is ubiquitous especially on social media platforms and it isn’t until we think about them that we realise how prevalent they are. This, in a sense proves, their worth – subtlety selling.

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We Offer 5 core forms of native advertising

At MadeFour Marketingwe like to push the boundaries of what is possible for small and medium sized business and have built a specialist Native Advertising team to design and integrate effective and natural ads for our clients.

Recommendation Widgets

Have you ever read an article then had a ‘Recommended for you’ button appear? This is a content recommendation widget and can be used to leverage audiences towards certain content or push traffic towards specific websites. This is a great solution for publishers looking to increase brand recognition and build their audience.

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Promoted Listings

Used primarily be e-commerce websites to feature selected products first. This puts your brand either on the home page or top of the relevant category page. This method can be used very effectively with sites like eBay who no longer change for promoted listings until they generate a sale.

Paid Search Ads

Paid Search Ads are similar to Promoted Listings except your listing appears at the top of a web search. These can be used both on general search engines and searches within a specific website.

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In-Feed ads promote sponsored content within a given publications natural list of articles, so users will see these ads as part of the stream of content.

In-Ad with Native Elements

These ads look quite standard but have significant contextual relevancy with the publisher and/or website. For example, a food company promoting their own recipes next to websites which host user-submitted recipes.

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At each review point, we will discuss conversions that have been achieved and discuss how we can improve upon the success of the current campaigns. If for whatever reason there has been a low level of conversion, we will look to either replace or refund for inaccurate leads.

We then analyse and identify why there have been inaccurate leads, knowing why allows us to improve our approach and better refine the leads being obtained.

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