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“To build a long-term, successful enterprise, when you don’t close a sale, open a relationship.”

We think of our LinkedIn campaigns as “proactive digital prospecting” Digital prospecting serves as visual marketing and networking opportunities as opposed to traditional telemarketing where a prospect has no visual reference point or opportunity to click through to a website / profile, once the call ends so often does the potential prospects memory of the business and individual representing that business.

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    LinkedIn Marketing

    Let’s Engage!

3 reasons why LinkedIn is the most powerful marketing tool of the 21st century:

1. Media

Media exposure is critical for raising your business profile and raising brand awareness, it’s not only about positioning your brand to your target audience it’s about engaging with them and doing this professionally and consistently.

2. Partnerships

LinkedIn is not only about building your profile, connecting with target customers and positioning your brand, fostering strategic partnerships is also a powerful was to grow your business. Partnering up with the right client enables you to pass business back and forth and broaden your knowledge into other sectors.

3. Clients

Of course, clients! Having such a dynamic and powerful marketing tool (for free!) at your finger tips is under used and probably underestimated by a lot of businesses. Having the ability to learn, speak and engage with a audience worldwide can have a massive financial and reputable impact on your business if utilised correctly.


What Will I Get?

Depending on your businesses objectives and number of new business enquiries it can handle, we have 3 packages in which we offer, all include the below as standard:

Dedicated account handler

A fully managed LinkedIn account(s)

Full set up

Weekly leads

Brand awareness

Build a database

Increase your number of contacts

Market to your connections

Find content that people want to read

Discover which sites will pay you for your content

Find the right words to get your posts found

Keep in touch with people and businesses you know

Inform, educate and help other businesses

Set up and join groups

Set up company-specific pages

Link your information to your website

Drive people to your website using social media advertising strategies

Send viewers to a special offer product page

LinkedIn Starter

£390.00 p/m

150 Direct Messages Per Week

Monthly Reporting

x 1 Sales Scripts

1 x WordPress Landing Page

Unlimited Filter

LinkedIn Lite

£690.00 p/m

350 Direct Messages Per Week

Monthly Reporting

x 1 Brochure

x 1 Sales Scripts

1 x WordPress Landing Pages

Unlimited Filter

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