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Our strengths lie withing the following sectors:
– Commercial Insurance
– Commercial Energy
– Office Lettings
– Recruitment
– Commercial Contractors
– IT & Tech Companies
– Telecommunications
– Mortgage & Finance
– Debt Management
– IT & Tech Companies
– Management & Business Consultants
– Life Insurance
– Boiler Installations
– Telemarketing / Lead Generation

We are constantly developing modern and tested campaign verticals to offer the ultimate lead generation solution. We thrive on providing a cost effective solution compared to other lead generation strategies, combining an aggressive proactive outbound campaign with a tailored plan to our clients services and objectives.

Behind all of our initiatives is a well planned out and researched strategy, that satisfies the present by generating engaged lead opportunities and focusing on future, to help our clients generate quality inbound traffic. We ensure to start earning your return on investment immediately, to then scale up and pay for your campaign(s).

We deliver the unexpected!

With unrivaled costings and immediate returns, what are you waiting for?

Lead Exclusivity
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Designated Account Handler
All of our lead initiatives are bespoke and carried out directly on your behalf. Our primary focus is to qualify opportunities that are of both high value and receptive. We cater for the short term (live leads) and couple this with marketing your business and brand to offer a long term new business solution.


Our primary focus is to understand what your business needs in order for our working relationship to be long and fruitful. We work closely with your team to drill down into what type of lead would be the most beneficial for you, and for us to best understand how to approach the market on your behalf.

From the very beginning, we like to discuss and agree on set review points within the year – in order for us to better improve our service to each broker.

Insurance Lead Generation Company
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We start by collating all the information gathered while consulting with you, and we use this data as the foundation of the campaign. Lead generation is not hard, it is the qualifying of the lead that is difficult, and our team works to identify receptive prospects who are actively looking to go to the market upon renewal of their policy.


With all the outbound work complete, we comprise your exclusive lead book into an easily readable format that segmenting data where applicable. Our insurance lead generation team work on gathering important information and document this in the comments section the lead book.

Insurance Lead Generation Company
Insurance Lead Generation Company


Throughout the campaign, our team makes sure to represent each broker in a verbally transparent manner. This is a key factor for how we develop lasting relationships with our clients, as we want each lead to ideally identify the broker when contacted a quote.

We also want to market each broker in such a way that even with prospects that aren’t currently interested in receiving a quote, if they ever do decide to go to the market, their first thought would be the broker we prospected on behalf of.


With a lead book custom built around your appetite, we pass over leads for your team to convert when renewal dates arrive. These leads are now primed and ready for each broker to convert year after year. We then start the processing or continue on building a new lead book for you, month after month.

Insurance Lead Generation Company
Insurance Lead Generation Company

Hot Key Transfer

While building your lead book, our team will look to pass over to your team, leads who are currently looking into the market for a live quote. These will still be leads that have been qualified and prepared for your team to quote.


At each review point, we will discuss conversions that have been achieved and discuss how we can improve upon the success of the current campaigns. If for whatever reason there has been a low level of conversion, we will look to either replace or refund for inaccurate leads.

We then analyse and identify why there have been inaccurate leads, knowing why allows us to improve our approach and better refine the leads being obtained.

Insurance Lead Generation Company

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