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“A unique digital marketing service that leverages highly relevant micro sites that target lucrative long tail keywords in the search engines”

We are constantly developing modern and tested campaign verticals to offer the ultimate lead generation solution. We thrive on providing a cost effective solution to other lead generation strategies, combining an aggressive proactive outbound campaign with a tailored plan to our clients services and objectives.

Behind all of our initiatives is a well planned out and researched strategy, that satisfies the present by generating engaged lead opportunities and focusing on future, to help our clients generate quality inbound traffic. We ensure to start earning your return on investment immediately, to then scale up and pay for your campaign(s).

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That said – we are now pleased to be offering our unique digital marketing service – EMD marketing to businesses nationally.

We implement a strategy and digital marketing vertical called EMDN marketing (exact match digital net marketing).

An exact match domain is a website and or landing page that matches the users search term word for word. Here at MadeFour Marketing we have historically used and developed this method to gain an advantage for our clients and enable them to compete at the highest level. Landing pages are built with conversions in mind. To achieve greater results, your landing page should contain compelling, powerful, and relevant information that relates to your ad while at the same time containing fewer distractions such as menus or other navigational links that could steer the user away from leaving the page without converting, keep the reader focused on the topic throughout the entire page. After continuous development & testing campaigns we have now been able to identify what works as an emd and ensure out methods comply with google’s ranking system. EMD marketing is often referred to and considered the most cost effective route to market against standard SEO & PPC practices – achieving results in a fraction of the time and consistently competing at the highest level.

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We identify what are called ‘long tail’ or ‘LSI’ keywords, which are basically less searched (and thus less competitive) search engine queries which are likely to generate leads in a given vertical.

Once these keywords have been identified and the competition analysed, we then build a highly relevant landing page on a domain focused on that keyword. An example of this in action is if you are doing a search on Google for ‘cheap business insurance’:

Cheap business EMD
Cheap Business EMD 2 comparison


As you can see, the keyword is dominated by massive websites and ‘pay per click’ adverts which range from upwards of £50 PER CLICK. However, by utilizing our EMD marketing strategy on a lesser searched variation (150 searches p/m), the search results now look like this

While someone searching for ‘cheap business cover’ is essentially looking for cheap business insurance, we are the number one result that they now find. Search it for yourself! The number one position in Google is a lead generation website that we have built on an EMD!

As you can imagine, there is no marketing more powerful than being shown at the exact moment your customer is searching for you. This is what EMD marketing offers without the costly expenses associated with a well-run SEO campaign.

We are also able to run highly targeted social media and email marketing campaigns to the website while we wait for it to rank in Google (which is normally 3-6 months after your domain has been registered).

What Will I Get?

If you decide to go ahead with the EMD initiative our first next step is to collate and formulate a highly detailed keyword research report and competitor analysis. We also get to understand who your ideal customer is and make sure the keywords we target are solutions to their search queries.

Once we have identified the right keywords for your business we will register the domains and support this with your own unique & branded landing page. You can choose from the following templates:

Each will be branded with your company logo (or a logo of your choice), can link through to your website and/or have all your direct contact information on it. The content for the website will need to be 100% unique and relevant to the keywords we are targeting. We can provide content at an additional cost or you can supply it yourself. We then index the page(s) and allow google to rank accordingly.

x1 EMD Site (Bronze)


Keyword Research

 Free Domain

 Free SSL Certificate

 1 x WordPress Landing Page

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 Submission to Google Index

SEO to rank #1 for Keyword

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