Why you need digital marketing
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Digital Marketing: 5 reasons you need it

Powerful reasons to go digital


Good digital marketing is about reaching the largest audience possible and having a message that resonates with a specific target audience. The best tool to achieve this currently?


The internet. Hands down.


A well thought out, digital plan of attack towards marketing can make a huge different to your business. From increasing recognition of your brand to stuffing new and engaged leads into your business pipeline. However, effective marketing isn’t all about direct sales. It’s about establishing your authority, within a business niche, as the go-to company for a service or product.

It’s more important than ever to consider a digital marketing strategy if you haven’t already, or, think about revamping your existing plans to make the most of your time and financial investments.

Any modern business that wants to get ahead will need to adopt digital marketing tactics as part of their overall marketing and new business strategy. This doesn’t mean that you must scrap traditional marketing methods like printed adverts. This type of market, especially with the rise of digital marketing, retains an old-school charm and can still be used to great effect in the right hands.

By using digital marketing tactics in combination with your current traditional marketing strategies, your business can start to optimise your campaigns for maximum results.


1 Digital marketing levels the playing field

The first step to remaining viable in a competitive industry is to keep up with your competitors.  There’s a good chance they are already employing a digital marketing strategy. Whereas your own strategy will level the playing with these competitors, it can put you well ahead of competition who refuse to employ digital methods.

Recent research suggests upwards of 70% of B2C marketers and 80% of B2B marketers are currently using marketing strategies like blogging and social media posting to engage their target audience. Not doing so may leave you in the dust, playing catch-up. Paid digital strategies appear to be as important to marketers as generating organic traffic. Building organic traffic and engagement is great for long term growth but paid advert campaigns focusing on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) like search engine optimisation techniques and pay-per-click methods are a reliable way to generate initial buzz, interaction and sales.

These paid methods work well and as more companies pile onto these strategies, spends are continuing to soar with predictions suggesting digital ad spending will reach $23 billion by the year 2020.


Digital Marketing levels the playing field


2 Respond to trends quickly

Whether it’s the latest meme or a viral video, a lot of successful digital content marketers jump on emerging trends and create content around them. This sort of reactive marketing is difficult using traditional marketing methods and you’ll often end up late to the party; investing in content created around a short-lived trend that is on the way out. In short, digital marketing allows you to stay ahead of the game.

Regardless of industry, trends change frequently and with digital marketing you can respond to these trends quickly by participating in the conversation and creating content that speaks to the concerns of your target consumers.

Reacting to trends with high-quality and relevant content, can help build brand loyalty and establish your business as a leader in the industry.


Track and monitor campaigns

Tracking the success of your campaigns is critical and allows you to stop certain campaigns if they aren’t working, thus saving money, or tweak running campaigns in real-time so that they produce even greater results. With digital marketing, marketers have a wealth of campaign data at their fingertips which can be analysed and critiqued, essentially removing all the guesswork out of tracking marketing campaign effectiveness.

The real-time nature of analysis is exceptionally useful in comparison to traditional marketing methods which require a campaign to finish its course before it’s success can be evaluated.

The ability to watch the success of your campaign in front of your eyes, and tweak as the campaign progresses, allows you to get the most out of marketing budgets. By reviewing data periodically, you can also work to optimise your marketing budget by allocating more of your budget to the tactics that provide the best results and reducing or removing financing of areas which perform poorly.

Real time marketing campaign anlaytics

4 Enhanced interactions

Digital marketing and all that entails, such as social media management, allows you to directly communicate with your customer base through comments, messages and reviews. This helps highlight to customers that you care about their feedback and opinions of your services or products. As a business owner or manager, capturing this feedback and assuring customers of improvements and future directions is invaluable.


5 Business expansion

Traditional advertising media such as print, radio or television are ideal if your target audience remain within known geographical areas. One of the most powerful benefits of digital marketing is the ability to massively expand your audience, across the globe if needs be, due to the ubiquitous nature of the internet.

As more modern consumers are going digital, online strategies are ideal to engage with them. Successful marketing should aim to deliver relevant content to a consumer during their moment of need i.e. looking for insurance products,  places to eat or other services in a specific location. Digital marketing is flexible and responsive so is one of the best ways to lead a customer to a purchase as they are searching.

On top of this, digital marketing provides new and exciting ways to reach your target audience through tailored blog content, social media platforms and search engine marketing. You are also given more opportunity to repeatedly engage with the same audience in order to encourage sales.

Generate new business


Take home messages


There are a number of clear-cut benefits for businesses that choose to invest in a well thought out digital marketing strategy. These include:


  • Gain a distinct advantage over competition who refuse to adapt to the digital world


  • Expand the reach of your brand and increase customer engagement across numerous social media platforms


  • Digital marketing is more flexible and lower cost than traditional methods


  • Target specific customers, specific niches and track customers journeys with the use of data acquisition and analysis


  • Interact with customers directly and establish yourself as an authority in your given industry


  • Allow your marketing budgets to go further by monitoring campaign effectiveness in real-time and analysing valuable campaign data to promote tactics the produce the best results.



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